Friday, July 8, 2011

Butterfly Baby

I saw these dolls displayed at Craft Warehouse that they had decorated with flowers and moss. I thought I could do that myself so I gave it a shot. My sister has the Anne Geddes dolls so I thought this would be a perfect additon for her birthday. I got a wood block from the dollar store and covered the block with these fall leaf picks from Michaels for .99 cents a piece. I found a pack of butterfly wings that I an using for our daughters wedding in September so I glued one of those on the back of the doll.
Remember the value of a gift may only be $10, but the value of a hand made gift from the heart is priceless.


  1. Oh how PRETTY!!!!!! You did an amazing job on this!!!

  2. This is precious! She is going to love it. But if she doesn't Please send it to me. Thanks for sharing.